As huge fans of gaming art and art in general, we just really have to share the wonderfully designed images of Mr. Jax Pixeloo. Already a very popular designer and well known artist across the net, we thought we’d share the craziness that follows with Mr.Pixeloo. Beware, some of these images may freak you out if you aren’t of age. The ‘untooning’ of many of our favorite video game characters have been brought to life with the realism and touch of Pixeloo. The detail put to each image is absolutely outstanding. Click on each picture to auto-expand for your viewing pleasure!

The Real Jessica Rabbit by Pixeloo

The Real Mario by Pixeloo

The Real Homer by Pixeloo

The Real Stewie by Pixeloo

The Real Peter G by Pixeloo

The Real Bowser by Pixeloo

The Real Niko Bellic by Pixeloo

Hope you enjoyed these images. For more please check out Pixeloo’s blog @ pixeloo.blogspot.com


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  1. avatar blade says:

    awsome aspeshuly with stwie and peater and homer and mario lookes wered

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