Playstation Phone Caught on Video

Earlier this year, Engadget broke the news of a rumored Playstation Phone. The Sony Ericsson handset is reportedly running Android and will be a cross between a smartphone and a PSP. A landscape slider phone with Sony’s trademark controls underneath. In place of an analog stick, the device is said to have a multi-touch trackpad. After a few batches of blurry photos (seriously, whomever is leaking this at Sony HQ can’t snag a Cybershot?) Engadget has finally gotten its hands on some video of the device, codenamed “Zeus Z1″.

A few interesting things to consider such as the “Playstation” app icon which could be Sony’s game marketplace within Android. The handset looks a bit on the chunky side but we’re willing to forgive it if Sony can deliver on some quality titles. It’s still unclear if this device was ever meant to see the light of day outside of a prototyping lab but consider our interest piqued. Sony has yet to reveal any official details regarding the future of the PSP line.


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  1. avatar kingfarooq says:

    iv seen this but has’nt yet been released but should be released soon with few changes as it wont be huge hit as it is,maybe more features will be added like ps3 remote play,gaming facilities, extra memory but not sure because os

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