Artist Finds Beauty in Gaming Glitches

Artist Robert Overweg is a self-described “Virtual Photographer” taking his inspiration from the digital worlds in which many of us spend our time. Of course, every gamer knows the patchwork of code can occasionally tear at the seams, resulting in glitches. Whether it’s your character falling through a hole in the floor into polygonal limbo, bizarre pixelation, or some other hi-tech hijinks, glitches often break the illusion of the game. Overweg, however, sees things quite differently.

From the artist’s site:

“Robert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world, he sees the worlds of (first and third person shooter) games as the new public spaces of contemporary society and as a direct extension of the physical world.

Overweg dwells by foot or by air through the outskirts of the virtual world which he dissects through his photography. He documents the similarities and the differences between the virtual and the physical world while making use of the new possibilities the virtual world give him as a photographer.

By looking into how games work and the aesthetics of the virtual world he asks questions about how the system works and the people behind them.”

To view more of Overweg’s work, please check out his website, Shot By Robert.

Source: Jon Davison via Twitter


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