Final Fantasy XIII Preview

Already having it’s release date pushed back several times, Final Fantasy XIII is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games of 2010. As a dual-console release for the PlayStation3 and Xbox360, Final Fantasy XIII will definitely be looking to take full advantage of each systems capabilities. With it’s current release date in Japan only 2 weeks away, the rest of the world will have to wait until March 9th, 2010 to have this exclusive game debugged into our language of choice. From the previews many of us have seen, this game looks nothing but epic, incorporating both futuristic and natural elements into the gameplay. The stage is set between a land of magical wilderness and the high-tech world surrounding the local environments. Since it’s initial inception at E3 already 3 years ago, we are finally getting close to an official release.

As the Final Fantasy series has been probably the one of most prolific video game franchises of all time, Final Fantasy XIII will continue to stem into it’s own sub-series, Fabula Nova Crystallis Final. Similar to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and Ivalice Alliance, Square Enix is aspiring to once again create a robust series complete with several games, and hopefully several movies.

The plot of Final Fantasy XIII will incorporate a battle between the natural and the high-tech, somewhat similar to the toils of the Mako reactors damage to the planet in Final Fantast VII. However, in this installment, everything revolves around fal’Cie, who are beings created with crystals residing inside them. While a lot of this continues to remain a mystery, each fal’Cie is suppose to have some quest(s) to complete, as they were originally constructed as a paradise/savior for humanity. In terms of gameplay, turn based combat will once again dominate in this series. What’s interesting to note is that each battle will not take place in the exact position you are located in, as you will be ‘transported’ to a battle area upon encountering an enemy. The new and improved battle system will definitely incorporate lots of new extra features never before seen to any ‘Final Fantasier’. You will only be able to control one character at a time and up to three in total in each battle. You will be able to stack multiple commands on top of one another, of course based on the strength and abilities of your character. Other small new changes include the user to be able to view the enemies HP and name (without a Sense Materia?!) as well as be able to view an array of statistics of each battle upon successful completion.

One thing is for sure is that any Final Fantasy fan of any sort will need to check out this game. While several die-hard Final Fantasy fans were turned off due to the emergence of the MMORPG style of gaming in FFXI, Final Fantasy XIII will bring us back to the action/adventure we know and love about the Final Fantasy series. Even the famed Cactuar, dating back almost 2 decades to the original Final Fantasy series will return. Speaking of dating, a female Cactuar (or whatever the equivalent may be) seems to have popped up in some advertisements in Japan. Oh boy is this making us even more excited to play this game. Cactuar breeding? Move over Chocobos!



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