Diablo3: Anguish or Hell?

In every possibly way, Diablo3 simply looks stunning. In some respects, we’re even looking forward to this game more than StarCraft2. These pictures were taken directly from Blizzard’s website, and feature some really nice high-resolution screenshots. Last announced, the demo is supposed to be released sometime this summer, and game around Christmas. The lineage here will surely follow Blizzard’s standard with most games, especially StarCraft. 2009 can probably [and safely] mean 2010, but again, no official dates have been released. For now, all we can do is continue playing Diablo2, and wait for that long-awaited beta to get released.

The launch of DiabloIII will basically want to make us quit our ┬ájobs here at GameShack and hibernate in our batcaves for the preceding 3-6 months. I think this game may be as addicting as most MMORPG games, being very close in playing style, and now with Blizzard adding the ability of online partying and guilding. There has been some speculation regarding whether or not they will charge for online play. In any case, DiabloIII owners will definitely have much to dwell on once the game is officially released. For all us conspiracy theorists’ out there, check out this post: Hellforge-GameRiot-DiabloIII-Release Date. Some DiablioII junkies have discovered a magical error, in which their game crashes, and displays a hex code that mysteriously translates into DiabloIII 09/09/09. I could probably state pretty confidently that may have been the anticipated release date YEARS ago when DiabloII was in development, as there is a lot of doubt that the game will be released that soon.

At this exact time last year, one can ┬áremember the news dropping that Diablo 3 was announced – Or it was announced that it was coming up – Or it was announced that Diablo 3 would be released one day in the next 5 years. Now, a year later, we are at the EXACT same spot as last year. “We” being Diablo and Blizzard fans who are on the verge of freaking out if SC2 or D3 does not come out in the next 3 months. The part that really blows our whistles is that NOTHING has changed since a year ago. Many of us have seen the trailer for the game with the pretty sweet in-game footage. We’ve been closely monitoring Blizzard’s website every week and there have been NO new updates except nerdy stories about fighting goblins and wallpapers.

The truth is, or what we fear the truth is, is that Blizzard is still making some serious loot with WoW and even Warcraft III Frozen Throne and the DOTA mod. If they release SC 2 and Diablo 3 right now, it will take away thousands if not hundreds of thousands of players from the Warcraft world. They are truly trying to milk the game for all it is worth, which is great, but please do not dangle the two new releases in front of us as if you are constantly updating and tweaking the games! If you are, please show us some Diablo 3 updates. Or at least release the SC2 beta testing that was supposed to be going on all summer. We currently have multiple accounts signed up for the beta test from Battle.net so we shall see!


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